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Chris Gillis

Dating Den Episode 207 - Bachelorette Recap: With Chris Gillis — How to Identify Red Flags and Fix Your Picker


Dating Den Episode 207 - Bachelorette Recap: With Chris Gillis — How to Identify Red Flags and Fix Your Picker


Chris Gillis

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Dating Den Episode 207 – Bachelorette Recap: With Chris Gillis — How to Identify Red Flags and Fix Your Picker

On this week’s Bachelorette recap, Marni and Chris react differently to the high stakes emotional capital that was spent. Chris teared up at homecoming but Marni didn’t shed a tear. The guy who should be crying is Ben because he was sent home, but he doesn’t seem to have the emotional capacity to feel anything about it.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Can a woman change a man’s mind about having a family?
  • Why many women want a ‘dangerous’ guy
  • Which guy might be husband material

Instant Inspiration to Commit [4:40]

It is obvious that Tayisha is an amazing lady. She is mature and makes a solid effort to get to know the guys. Marni is surprised she let Ben go. The new front runner seems to be Zac, but neither Marni, no Chris care much for him. Chris believes Zac needs to stop reverting to making out when Tayisha asks him deep questions.

After Zac and Tayisha’s New-York-inspired date Zac tells his mother that he does want a family and does want a wife, since meeting Tayisha. Marni asks Chris if this is a real thing.

Does a guy just suddenly make major decisions about having a wife and family?

Chris says, yes it is true. The right lady has a way of opening stuff up within a guy and she can inspire him to be a different version of who he is. He says it is a crazy feeling when you are dating someone and a seal is broken. Then, you realize you are open to more possibilities. BUT, a woman can’t change a man, it has to be the man’s idea.

Danger is His Middle Name [19:08]

Zac seems to keep Tayisha interested by being the most dangerous choice. Chris asks Marni why girls always seem to go for the dangerous guy. Marni explains that many women have an attachment style, like ‘anxious’ attachment. Basically, it means that if a woman didn’t get the love she needed from a parent when she was a child you recreate the longing or tension in relationships. A woman will keep trying to get love from someone who does not want to open up. It’s a familiar feeling that creates a pattern.

So, even though Ivan is a solid guy, sweet, fun, and playful, Tayisha doesn’t seem to be attracted to him. Is there such a thing as a guy being too nice?

What Type of Guy is Husband Material? [24:12]

Chris said he enjoyed watching the interactions with the guys’ family members. He agrees that valuable information can be ascertained from meeting the family of the person you are dating.

But to whom will make the best groom? The choice is clear, at least to Marni and Chris. Both agree that Brendan seems to be husband material. He is genuine, he listens, he has a ‘real’ job, he is handsome, etc. What’s not to like? But, does Tayisha feel the same?

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