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Episode 141



How to Go From Devastated and Divorced to Empowered and in Love in Just One Year

Episode 141

How to Go From Devastated and Divorced to Empowered and in Love in Just One Year



Dating Den Episode 141 – With Jill: How to Go From Devastated and Divorced to Empowered and in Love in Just One Year

Jill’s Backstory [3:05]

Jill was living a normal married life. She had two kids and had a decent relationship with her husband of 26 years. One day her husband told her he didn’t want to be married any longer. She was taken back. Jill realized her entire identity had been built around her marriage and family. She had never thought about who she was without those things in her life.

Reaching Out for Help [8:19]

Jill discovered Dating with Dignity through a family member. As soon as she began she saw the value. She says she felt like a sponge learning everything she could about herself through the program. She learned to be vulnerable and to face her vulnerability straight on. She confronted her worthiness and confidence with an open mind. She got clear about who she really was and discovered her ‘New Who’.

Dating After Divorce [12:09]

Jill had fun when she started dating again. Her depression lifted and she was ready to tackle life again. Even when her Ex came back three times, she knew she wanted a man who was more evolved emotionally. Her inner voice became stronger leading her towards a relationship that felt good instead of just a relationship.

Hindsight Advice [25:13]

Jill’s advice to other women who find themselves uncertain of their future after a divorce is to always be open and curious and to not be concerned about the outcome when dating. She says vulnerability is your friend, don’t be scared of it. And, have the strength and courage to move forward because there is nothing to be scared of.

The benefit of doing the program was getting to know herself and learning to accept all parts of herself. She needed direction and the course allowed her to go deeper and deeper into who she was.

The by-product of her divorce and taking the course is having a wonderful boyfriend.

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