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Patricia Diesel

Life Check Yourself Episode 321 - With Patricia Diesel: How to Get Rid of Your Man Clutter and Make Way for Mr. Right


Life Check Yourself Episode 321 - With Patricia Diesel: How to Get Rid of Your Man Clutter and Make Way for Mr. Right


Patricia Diesel

Life Check Yourself Episode 321 – With Patricia Diesel: How to Get Rid of Your Man Clutter and Make Way for Mr. Right

Do you have trouble getting rid of things you don’t need or aren’t serving you… like a man who’s not giving you the love or the relationship you want?

Maybe you’ve been with a guy you dated for a few weeks before he “realized” he wasn’t ready for a relationship right now.

Or a man who likes to string you along, giving you just enough attention and love to keep you on the hook.

The thing is, these “relationships” keep you from moving forward, going out and finding the right man…

Basically, it’s like ‘man clutter.’

Marni welcomes the newest member of the Institute of Living Courageously, Patricia Diesel to the podcast. Patricia is a speaker, author, professional organizer, and certified life coach, and she educates people on the benefits of being organized to restore tranquility and a sense of order. She has been featured in Cosmo, Women’s Day, PBS, and Good Morning America.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Getting rid of old beliefs about who we are
  • Understanding why we want to attract a partner
  • How to release things back into the universe
  • Coming clean to live an authentic life

Why We Need to Declutter [4:01]

When we are emotionally invested in our stuff, it is a reflection of our history and our story. That is why things can be difficult to part with. Patricia says that is why decluttering our homes and our minds can be very cathartic.

We invite things into our lives but there is a time to release those things back into the universe to bring us closure and peace of mind.

Our things are a reflection of who we are.

Man Clutter [10:30]

Women who are always attracting Mr. Wrong are addicted to finding a man who is bad for them. Having bad man habits is akin to hoarding. If they are always with the guy who is bad for them, they are collecting feelings and emotions.

Let go of your Man Clutter!

If we can get connected to who we really are, free from our unhealthy attachments, free from past experiences, and release our fear we can create a life based on the terms we set for ourselves.

How Removing Clutter Brings Peace and Stability [17:29]

The unhealthy attachment we have to stuff or to men means there is probably a childhood wound at the core of our intentions. Decluttering offers us a chance for us to get to the root of the problem which allows us to grow and heal.

Patricia cautions us to declutter and unpack with baby steps.

When we talk about coming clean and living our authentic life, we need to look at the real reason we want a partner in our life. What is the real reason we are putting ourselves out there to meet people?

Don’t lose sight of the real reason we want to attract another person into our lives.

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