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Episode 139


Dr. Kerry Ann Rockquemore

How to Create an Action Plan to Have a Meaningful, Intimate Relationship in 2020

Episode 139

How to Create an Action Plan to Have a Meaningful, Intimate Relationship in 2020


Dr. Kerry Ann Rockquemore

Dating Den Episode 139 – With Dr. Kerry Ann Rockquemore: How to Create an Action Plan to Have a Meaningful, Intimate Relationship in 2020

Create an Annual Plan Using the 4 Essential Elements of a Meaningful Life [3:10]

Getting clear about what a meaningful life means for you is the first step to creating your annual plan. Dr. Rockquemore admits that even she doesn’t enjoy planning but says without it you can get stuck in a life you don’t enjoy. Starting with these four elements will illuminate what you desire in the new year.

  1. Relationships
  2. Purpose
  3. Growth
  4. Health

Have you asked yourself what you want from a relationship? Tap into your inner wisdom by using a combination of emotions, reason, and intuition.

Overcoming Resistance [17:22]

At a basic level, resistance is a subtle but powerful feeling that bubbles up making you want to do anything and everything but what you need to do to get what you desire. Fear is the underlying cause of resistance. When you start the process of creating a meaningful life it can be scary. Dr. Rockquemore confides that you have to be vulnerable.

The next step of your creating your action plan is to write out your limiting beliefs.

What things in your past are holding you back? It’s time to shed your story and create a new one that serves you.

Creating a Growth Plan with a Partner [33:33]

Once you have devised personal strategies it is time to create collective goals with your partner. Moving toward something together can bring great joy to a relationship. Attaining small joint goals builds momentum toward achieving contentment and growth with a partner.

One pitfall Dr. Rockquemore warns of is to understand it is not your role is not to hold your partner accountable. That, she says, is a recipe for resentment and conflict. Putting the proper structures in place to support accountability is the key to planning.

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