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Dating Den Episode 171 - With Susan: How to Break the Pattern of Attracting Guys That Breadcrumb You


Dating Den Episode 171 - With Susan: How to Break the Pattern of Attracting Guys That Breadcrumb You



Dating Den Episode 171 – With Susan: How to Break the Pattern of Attracting Guys That Breadcrumb You

Do you seem to always attract guys that won’t commit…

Or you date guys that turn out to be unavailable…

If you’re only getting the crumbs of a relationship, and you want the full meal…

Then this episode is for you!

Marni welcomes Susan into the Dating Den. Susan is a client who was new to dating after the loss of her husband.

She knew she wanted a relationship but found herself attracting guys who only threw her breadcrumbs. During this conversation, she shares her transformation, insights about what was missing in her previous approach to dating, and how the process has changed all parts of her life.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Creating your non-negotiables
  • How to identify your limiting beliefs
  • Why working with a coach generates a transformation independent research can’t
  • Why you may not want to write a guy off too quickly

Attracting the ‘Crumbs’ Guys [2:19]

Susan had lost her husband to cancer about a year before she started dating again. She realized she was attracting ‘crumbs’ guys and she wanted to attract men that were more her caliber. She was choosing the wrong guys who were caught up inside themselves and still dealing with their emotional baggage.

She felt confused and the pattern was chipping away at her self-worth and her self-esteem. Maybe, she wasn’t the catch she thought she was? But, she knew she wanted to be in a relationship.

She did online research and read books but nothing was shifting.

She Realized She Needed a Coach [9:27]

Susan knew that she wouldn’t break free of her pattern on her own. She was ruling guys out before she would rule them in. She was also unclear about what she really wanted.

She says that working with Marni’s team helped because they provided her with a process. It was time for her to have a mature adult relationship.

Seeking Mutual Understanding to Create Connection and Intimacy [27:18]

Susan started dating a friend of a friend who she was ready to write off early on. Working with the Dating with Dignity team helped her to redefine what she needs versus what she wants.

Marni says many men are trainable. They want to make us happy and will adapt because they are committed to the relationship.

Susan says she would never have chosen her current boyfriend prior to taking Marni’s course. She recommends being open to the process and allowing it to unfold organically. She now uses the processes in all areas of her life and everything is coming together for her.

If you are ready to stop taking the wrong steps in situations and relationships with men…

And you want the power to create an undeniable, magnetic attraction and devotion between you and a quality man that lasts…

Listen now!

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