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Natasha Ho

Dating Den Episode 222 - With Natasha Ho: How Food, Body Image, and Femininity Can Help or Hurt Your Love Life


Dating Den Episode 222 - With Natasha Ho: How Food, Body Image, and Femininity Can Help or Hurt Your Love Life


Natasha Ho

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Dating Den Episode 222 - With Natasha Ho: How Food, Body Image, and Femininity Can Help or Hurt Your Love Life

Marni welcomes Host of the Tasty Kitchen and Founder of The Well-Traveled Palate Program, Natasha Ho into the Den to discuss cooking up connections in the kitchen.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Nurturing ourselves and our partners through food
  • Cooking together to collect data
  • How to have a virtual cooking date
  • Cooking can be a turn on
  • Exploring the feminine with thoughtful meals

Savory Seduction [3:14]

Natasha says she seduced her husband with food. They bonded over the lunches she brought him as part of their courtship process. Being able to cook and care for someone is associated with the feminine. It is a turn-on for a man to be with a woman who can care for them in that way.

Many women don’t take care of themselves when it comes to cooking. For one, cooking is not just about caring for someone else it’s also about how you nurture and love yourself.

3-steps to creating connection in the kitchen:

  1. Build confidence — If you have anxiety when it comes to cooking. Remember, it doesn’t have to be complicated.
  2. Be open to being playful in the kitchen — Do you view cooking as a chore or an opportunity to be creative?
  3. Build your technical skills — Once you open yourself up to having adventures in the kitchen, you will enjoy learning new techniques.

Cooking Together is the Perfect Date [14:59]

Eating is an opportunity to bring joy and connection when you do it with someone else. It’s a great opportunity for you both to get in the kitchen. Natasha says that cooking together can take the pressure off of just one person. Collaborating in the kitchen is a great opportunity to let your guard down and be playful. Get your hands dirty together.

Not sure what to cook? Consider the amount of time a recipe takes. Look for recipes that can be completed in under an hour and have a limited amount of steps like stir fry, paella, or one-pot dishes.

During the pandemic, consider virtual cooking dates. Choose a place or culture and explore it through food. It’s about being open and trying something new.

Taking Care of Yourself [25:29]

A big misconception is that cooking healthily means only having broccoli and chicken breast. There are plenty of colorful vegetables and luscious salad ingredients that taste great when spiced or cooked differently. Educate yourself on one new ingredient a month and try using it in a dish you have never made before.

Marni reminds us that we may have limiting beliefs about our cooking abilities that could be holding us back from finding joy in the kitchen. Consider changing your story around food and health.

It is OK if a meal doesn’t come out great the first time. It is all about learning and cooking together.

Make a Connection:

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