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Annie Daly

Dating Den Episode 233 - With Annie Daly: Global Secrets to Help You Become Rejection-proof Wherever You Live


Dating Den Episode 233 - With Annie Daly: Global Secrets to Help You Become Rejection-proof Wherever You Live


Annie Daly

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Dating Den Episode 233 – With Annie Daly: Global Secrets to Help You Become Rejection-proof Wherever You Live

Marni welcomes a fourth-generation journalist into the Den. Annie Daly has written about travel and wellness for Self, Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast, and she was the Travel Editor at Buzzfeed. During this episode, she shares key elements of her book, Destination Wellness, which includes wellness practices from six different cultures.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Why you can not find wellness in a product
  • Common threads in ancient wellness practices
  • Dating philosophies from around the globe
  • The power of community in wellness

Destination Wellness [1:43]

Annie met her husband on a camping trip. The original purpose of the trip was a girls-only weekend with the intention of escaping men. It just goes to show, you never know when or how you will meet your match.

About writing her book, Destination Wellness, Annie says she grew tired of the commercialism surrounding well-being and wellness. She knew there were ways to live in balance that had nothing to do with buying products. She decided to travel to six different cultures to learn more about their lifestyle and wellness philosophies. The countries she visited are Jamaica, Norway, Hawaii, Brazil, India, and Japan.

We don’t have to buy our way into well-being.

Well-Being Based on Wisdom [7:45]

Getting back to basics, embracing nature, and living in the moment are common threads that tie ancient wellness practices together. In other cultures, a wellness lifestyle is built into daily life from the start of life. It is a stark contrast to the U.S.

In Norway, Friluftsliv, or Free, Air, Life is practiced. It’s a shared belief that people should spend as much of their lives outside as possible. Schools are often held outside.

In Jamaica, the Ital philosophy means eating wholesome foods that were sourced locally.

In Hawaii, the spirit of Aloha is about the connection between all human beings, the love between us all. The harmonic culture believes that knowing who you are and understanding your roots helps you cultivate a greater sense of well-being.

Philosophy for dating — Knowing who you are is the foundation for what you want to bring to a relationship. Date with Aloha. When you have the spirit of Aloha, you see everyone as a human who seeks and desires love, just like you.

In Japan, Ichigo Ichie means one time, one moment. This culture honors the little moments with someone and gleaning the most meaning from the moments you have.

In India, Ayurveda is a system of healing and honoring yourself as an individual. Identifying your dosha helps you better understand what foods to eat, best practices, workouts, and how to balance yourself in the world. This culture understands that wellness looks different for everyone.

In Brazil, they embrace Saudade. In its raw form, it is an emotional pain that comes from missing someone you love. If someone you love is gone, you suffer from loving them so much and not having them around. This culture holds the value of community over all else.

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