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Heidi Dusek

Life Check Yourself Episode 326 - With Heidi Dusek: Do You Really Have To Wait To Start Living Your Dream Life Now?


Life Check Yourself Episode 326 - With Heidi Dusek: Do You Really Have To Wait To Start Living Your Dream Life Now?


Heidi Dusek

Life Check Yourself Episode 326 – With Heidi Dusek: Do You Really Have To Wait To Start Living Your Dream Life Now?

Marni speaks to the founder of Ordinary Sherpa, Heidi Dusek. Heidi is known as a catalyst, healthy disruptor, and unshakable optimist. She is passionate about challenging the status quo, driving change, and designing experiences. Her forthcoming book, Beyond Normal, inspires families to create authentic travel experiences through meaningful UN-tourism. Listen in to see how she is designing a life of meaningful experiences that inspire joy.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Challenge the status quo
  • Create meaningful experiences
  • Traveling differently — UN-tourism
  • Simple is better
  • How to say yes!

Challenge the Status Quo

The pandemic felt like the universe decided to challenge the status quo. It changed everyone in the world’s life. This means that right now we have a unique opportunity to grab onto a new normal that better serves us. And, with more and more companies offering positions for virtual work, we no longer need to orient our lives around where we work. It is a freedom past generations didn’t have.

Heidi has long pondered the concept of work-life balance. She recognized that there is no such thing, work is part of life. She decided only to have things in her life that made her joyful. Joy was her North Star. She recommends writing the narrative of what you want your life to be and then designing your new life around that narrative. Heidi’s mantra is “I want every day to feel like vacation.”

Highlight the joy of life and get a bit uncomfortable challenging your status quo.

UN-Tourism: Travel Differently

Adventure is about finding out about new places other travelers haven’t discovered before. Heidi recalls a story of a small diner that never would have been on her radar if the gas station attendant had not recommended it. Her family loved it and it didn’t cost a fortune to feed a family of five.

All types of travelers can create a meaningful life on any type of budget. It normally doesn’t take as much planning as we think it does. Scale it back to the basics and relish in your relationships instead of high-priced adventures. It can be less about what you are doing and more about enjoying the journey and getting through the rough spots.

What do you really want out of your life?

Simple Adventures Can Be Worth More

Heidi made a conscious decision to create a “Year of Yes.” Every time she had an opportunity she challenged herself to say yes. It’s a reminder that everyone has the power to change their story. You don’t need to make the giant, life-altering decisions, just change one thing that challenges you.

What if there is no tomorrow? Do it now!

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