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Episode 116


Becca Devens

Are You Being Too Picky? Survivor’s Favorite Loved One Shares What Today’s Healthy Marriage Really Looks Like

Episode 116

Are You Being Too Picky? Survivor’s Favorite Loved One Shares What Today’s Healthy Marriage Really Looks Like


Becca Devens

Dating Den Episode 116 – With Becca Devens: Are You Being Too Picky? Survivor’s Favorite Loved One Shares What Today’s Healthy Marriage Really Looks Like

Have you been struggling to find a great guy… do you meet men that have some of the qualities you want, but not all of them?

Have you been thinking that maybe you’re too picky when it comes to finding an amazing MAN and loving, connected relationship that will last?

Then this episode is for you!

Marni welcomes Becca Devens to the podcast to talk about the unique things that keep her marriage to Survivor’s Rick Devens a healthy, happy one.

Becca is a nurse, singer, traveler, and writer of The Munchkin Nugget blog. She shares how she and Rick met, the core values that keep them happy, how they maintain a healthy relationship after a disagreement, and common fallacies of love and marriage.

Why Do Women Believe One Person Should Meet All Their Needs? [2:34]

In the past, women used to get their needs met in their social circle, from friends and even family. But these days, women rely solely on their partner to make them feel complete.

Becca says she thinks a lot of women are dating to meet their soulmate but believes the real purpose of dating is to learn more about what you want and what you need from a relationship.

She says, “Your partner is important but they are not everything. They can’t be everything. A lot of women today expect whoever they are with for that person to provide everything they need. It’s unrealistic to have all your needs met by just one person.”

When you are dating someone and you get upset don’t expect your partner to completely understand. You need other people in your life to talk with, vent to, and share feelings with.

Core Values Are the Glue that Holds Everything Together [10:06]

Becca describes the commonalities between her and Rick. She describes him as an adventurer and an avid outdoorsman who is perfectly fine to do things on his own while she is a traveler who is curious about trying new things. He incorporates things into his routine while Becca goes through phases of sampling different things that interest her. The glue that holds them together is that they both want each other to be happy.

When Becca and Rick are separated for a length of time (like when he was a contestant on Survivor) or a disagreement arises, they lean into their core values to find comfort.

At the end of the day, marriage isn’t always easy and it’s important to work on it and protect it.

If you’ve been wondering if you’re being too picky when it comes to men and what ita takes for a lasting loving relationship, AND you want to discover:

  • 5 Core Values to look for in a partner, and why they’re so important,
  • Tips for Protecting a Marriage
  • Relationship Strategies for Getting Back on Track After a Rift And much more…

Listen now!

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Make a Connection:


“The most important question of a healthy marriage is ‘does your partner want you to be happy?”

“Don’t run every new situation through the filter of past experiences.”

“When you can meet your own needs it puts a lot less stress on your relationship with your partner.”

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