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Robbie Kramer

Life Check Yourself Episode 296 - With Robbie Kramer: 3 Secret Qualities That Men Find Most Attractive in a Woman


Life Check Yourself Episode 296 - With Robbie Kramer: 3 Secret Qualities That Men Find Most Attractive in a Woman


Robbie Kramer

Life Check Yourself Episode 296 – With Robbie Kramer: 3 Secret Qualities That Men Find Most Attractive in a Woman

Marni speaks to the creator of Inner Confidence and Host of the Leverage podcast, Robbie Kramer. Robbie works with men to create the lifestyle of their dreams. Like Marni, he doesn’t believe in quick fixes or magic pills. He brings dignity and ease to traditionally taboo interactions with no cheesy pick-up routines. Robbie shares the real attraction and connection qualities guys are looking for in a woman.

Key Takeaways from this Episode:

  • The sexiest thing about a woman
  • What to do when he ghosts you
  • Why dinner is a bad choice for a first date
  • Stay away from the dick pic guy
  • When is a man ready to commit

Dating Behaviors that Waste Time [2:04]

Some women tend to think of men as an evil opponent or creatures from another planet but that is a falsehood. Some men are ready to commit and some men who just want a conquest. Just like women do. Sometimes we are ready for a long-term relationship and sometimes we are not. If we are always trying to figure out what another person is thinking we get stuck in analysis paralysis. There is no way to know what another person is thinking. Focus on how you feel about the other person.

Robbie says for men, looks come first. If two people are not mutually attracted, they are not going on a date in the first place. So, ladies, don’t worry about what you look like. If he is there he is already attracted to you.

Common Dating Mistakes:

  • When women have an agenda and bombard a guy with questions it can be a real turn-off.
  • When a woman plans the entire date. Robbie says men should be embodying masculine energy and take responsibility for what to do on the date.
  • Dinner as a first date. Robbie says it is almost impossible to be present and engage with the other person while ordering and eating dinner.

The ideal venue for a first date is to meet at a coffee shop or a bar for 30-45 minutes. Then, if it goes well then change venues. Changing venues, Robbie says, gives you a chance at a reset. It changes the vibe.

Fgs [18:43]

Marni asks Robbie what we are all thinking — Why do men send dick pics and why do they take mirror selfies?

Robbie admits he isn’t aware of the psychology behind the dick pic, it may be that the guys are doing it for shock value, but either way, they are immature and it tells a woman exactly what she needs to know.

Ladies, no matter how cute, mirror selfie guys are not your guys.

Marni reminds us that those guys are doing us a favor by letting us know they are not quality guys and to move on.

When Are Guys Ready to Commit [20:47]

While there is no set time for a man to be ready to commit, Robbie says a woman should be able to tell. Men who are only looking to sow their wild oats, don’t call back. His advice is don’t waste time trying to change a player into a long-term commitment guy. The guy isn’t doing it on purpose; he is just not interested in the same thing.

A relationship should be an equal investment.

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