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This practice will assist you in making necessary improvements and improving the process for future members. The answers to new hire questions, for example, can be compiled into a centralized repository for easy access in the future. A structured onboarding program makes new hires 58% more likely to stay at a companyfor three years or longer. By the end of their first month, your new hire should feel confident and optimistic about how to succeed in their role.

onboarding remote employee

Here are some fundamentals to guide you in developing your own comprehensive remote onboarding best practices so that nothing falls through the cracks when onboarding a new hire. The HR team can finish most of the rote tasks during the preboarding process. That was the experience of one HR leader who took a new job the same month COVID-19 was declared a pandemic.

Step #3: Tailor the onboarding experience for each hire

A new hire’s first day isn’t the time to find out that your company’s systems aren’t accessible outside the office. Work with IT or consider a long-term switch to cloud-based tools. By having an HR professional and their manager check in regularly, employees will know they are supported and learn more quickly. This helps many remote workers feel like they are on track and that their progress is being monitored.

Everyone they’ll be working with, and those from other departments should be introduced to them. Organize informal get-togethers or ask coworkers to offer them notes of welcome. They’ll be more likely to accept your offer if they feel part of a team. They’ll be more confident on their first day because they’ll be prepared and know who to turn to for answers. As a bonus, you’ll be able to maintain their enthusiasm over the contract-signing process.

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Onboarding is the formal process of integrating new employees into a company. Onboarding, as opposed to orientation, is a procedure that takes place during the course of a team member’s first year on the job. Branded Templates Get a bundle of templates that match your brand.Features & AssetsEverything you need to spice up your content. Create and share a communication plan for projects the new hire will work on.

  • New remote hires will integrate more smoothly, and onboarding will feel less disruptive.
  • Remote onboarding might feel like a daunting prospect, especially if you’re doing it for the first time.
  • Doing this well in advance prevents delays on the first day and also gives the new hire plenty of time to get familiar with any new technologies or procedures.
  • “Tap into natural storytelling to help people understand the impact their work has,” Ramirez says.
  • You can also consider investing in a remote training software that can help to fill in the cracks and provide a good record of what steps your training requires.
  • Fostering a positive team culture is a big deal when it comes to employee retention and ensuring you’re able to integrate remote employees into that culture should be a priority during onboarding.

A great remote onboarding process makes new employees feel like they belong even if you can’t meet them face-to-face. During virtual onboarding, new hires learn the skills they need for their role, get to know your company culture, and connect with teammates. In addition, remote onboarding guides new hires through the process of setting up necessary tools—like their computer, email, and any other collaboration software your team uses. It’s hard to create an onboarding experience that makes people feel like they belong somewhere, when that “somewhere” isn’t a physical space. But it’s a critical part of both reinforcing employees’ decision to join your company and strengthening your company culture. While remote work gives employees more flexibility, it also presents some challenges—especially when it comes to onboarding.

Hold regular check-ins :

“Remind managers that it’s their job to help reboard remote hires to make sure they are adjusting well to the new environment and have everything they need,” she says. She adds that it’s important to capitalize on new employees’ heightened engagement during onboarding to integrate them into the company culture before they’re bogged down with work. Helping new hires feel connected to the team and understand the pecking order is key to creating a sense of belonging. Make introductions to the immediate supervisor, other members of the new hire’s working group and likely collaborators in other departments. A quick video call with the CEO or another top leader also helps drive home the feeling of inclusion and the importance of the work.

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We have the perfect tips for creating a positive remote onboarding experience that will seamlessly integrate new employees into the organization and get them started on the right note. Roll out a comprehensive program that includes various elements of this onboarding checklist with Zenefits. New hires will be prompted to complete different types of challenges and tasks like snapping photos, taking videos, answering questions, providing feedback, scanning QR codes and more.


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