Ignite Your Life LIVE Oct 14-16, 2022 | Dating with Dignity

Learn How to Attract an Amazing Man at Ignite Your Life

Become your authentically beautiful self, learn how to attract a high-quality man, and set your dating life on fire for just $97.

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A Live Virtual Event Oct 14-16, 2022

Learn How to Attract an Amazing Man at Ignite Your Life

Join the only 3 Day Virtual Experience designed for smart, successful women like you. Become your authentically beautiful self, learn how to attract a high-quality man, and set your dating life on fire for just $97

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Join other amazing women and become the most magnetic version of yourself

Take the leap towards the loving, connected, and committed relationship you’ve always dreamed of.

Join us and a community of professional, successful women for a transformative 3-day virtual event to learn the unique process that’s helped thousands of women become their authentic selves, and learn how to attract an amazing man that is completely enchanted by them.

We are spilling the secrets to unleashing your inner Alpha Femme – the confident, authentic you that high-caliber men desire.

Hear from the extraordinary women

(Just like you who’ve been there)

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Marni Battista

CEO & Master Coach

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Tessa Alburn

Master Coach

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Master Coach

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Ann Maas

LookBetterOnline.com; CEO,
Director of Operations

We believe love is a solvable equation…

During this experience, you’ll learn everything you need to make the changes necessary to set your dating life on fire. No fluff here — our patented, research-based methodology is designed to help you unlock your own heart, unleash your true self, and become the woman you truly are.

Ready to join the ranks of women embracing their authentic selves?

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Woman on computer

What to expect at Ignite Your Life

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If you don’t think you deserve a good man, you’re grappling with accepting that a relationship is not in the cards for you, or you think you have to settle for a less than ideal soul mate, we’ll help you identify and learn to let go of what’s holding you back.

No matter what barriers you’ve put up over the years to protect yourself from hurt, loss, or disappointment, we’ll guide you through identifying and break through them to open yourself up again (or for the first time) to the love you deserve.

In this safe, open and honest environment, we’ll help you shed the burden of your past so that you can be free to be your authentically beautiful self.

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What’s on
the agenda

Your REVEAL Day! (aka The Silver Bullet)

Identify your personal 10% blindspot (everyone has one) that sends quality men running for the hills and clear limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in the scarcity mindset (so you can attract a quality man who’s words and actions actually match).

By the end of the day, you’ll know EXACTLY why you’re single and what next steps are required to get you closer to magnetizing high-caliber men and creating the life you love.


Understand Why

Even though you’ve read all the self-help books and followed all the rules — you’re still single and how to make our secret technology work for you so that you attract the hot, high-quality man your heart desires.


Learn 4 Characteristics that Attract Men

Not just any men, but men who are open, vulnerable, and committed, so that no man will ever disappear on you again.


Reprogram Your Dating GPS

Understand why now matter HOW you meet a man it won’t ever work until you reprogram your dating GPS so that you become “the destination” for the men you want.


Learn what “feminine” means now

Especially as a successful woman so that you don’t have to jump into the girly-girl bucket to attract a high quality man.


Remove Limiting Beliefs

Eliminate the “nothing works for me” belief in your head so that the universe knows you are loveable and sends you the right man to love.

Your RELEASE day (aka Let It All Go)

Learn our patented, research-based methodology that shows you how to tap into the neuroplasty of your brain to get clarity on the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck and how to heal them so you can find the love of your life in today’s complex dating environment.


Stop the “Same Guy, Different Face” Syndrome

So that you have the passionate, loving connection you really want


Get Off the Dating “Roller Coaster”

Once and for all so that your single friends ask for your secret to attracting the hottest, quality guys.


Break Bad Dating Habits

Understand why you haven’t been able to change your dating results so that you know in your heart you are worthy of love from a great man. (Trust me, it’s something you’ve never even thought to do before!)


Learn Our #1 Mind Trick to Access Inner Peace and Confidence

No matter what happens with the guy, you can be the “It Girl” who makes heads turn when she walks into the room.


Tap Into Your Feminine Power

Stop obsessing over men, wondering whether a man is into you, and doing things you’re embarrassed about later. You CAN be authentically you so that you can choose which hot man you want to date and for a relationship!

Announcing Inside The Locker Room (Man panel event)!

Uncover the Alpha Femme inside you to get rock star confidence (so high calibur men pursue, adore and fall in love with you)! By the end of the day, you’ll have actionable steps to attract the man of your dreams.


Master the “Modern Woman’s Dilemma”

Ditch what your mom and grandma told you about relationships so that you become a master at the “Modern Woman’s Dilemma” (a must if you want a lasting relationship in the 21st century).


Be Confident in What to Do and Say With Men

Learn how to always know what to do, what to say, and what “move to make” with a guy so that you never worry you’ll somehow “screw it up” again. Get what you want from men without being a bitch, shutting down, or slamming the door.


Discover Dating with Dignity’s Secret Formula

Learn the formula that will help you find your best match online and offline. (There are two key mistakes you could be making right now!)


Connect to Your “POWER SELF”

Learn the secret to tapping into your Power Self so that you never backslide, freak out, or obsess over a guy ever again.

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Meet our founder,
Marni Battista

Marni Image Cluster

Marni Battista is a transformational Life, Love, and Relationship Coach and the founder of The Institute for Living Courageously. She is passionate and dedicated to helping her clients so that they are not only successful in their love life, but also as it pertains to their career, leadership, health, and all the areas that matter the most in creating a deeply meaningful and fulfilling life.

Through her own journey in creating life on her terms, Marni felt called to create a process to shorten the journey for other women suffering from the inability to design the life they truly love in a way that feels emotionally safe and fulfilling. She discovered, in fact, that creating this process was truly the mission of her soul and purpose.

Marni is a certified professional Life, Dating and Relationship Coach, writer, and nationally recognized print and online magazine expert (Cosmopolitan Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Yahoo! Shine, Huffington Post, YourTango.com, CupidsPulse.com, Men’s Fitness, Glamour and more). She has also had guest appearances on CBS, ABC, Dr. Phil, and Loveline (filling in for Dr. Drew!). Marni’s weekly podcast, “Life Check Yourself,” has more than 30k downloads each month.

You could be our next success story

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Register to join
Ignite Your Life:

The 3 day virtual experience on October 14-16

General Admission


  • 3 days of transformation, courage, and clarity
  • Access to more in-depth, life-changing sessions
  • V.I.P. lounge access
  • Pre-event, 1-on-1 breakthrough session with one of our master coaches
. Best Value . Best Value . Best Value . Best Value . Best Value
V.I.P Admission


  • 3 days of transformation, courage, and clarity
  • Access to more in-depth, life-changing sessions
  • V.I.P. lounge access
  • Pre-event, 1-on-1 breakthrough session with one of our master coaches
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Not your average women’s retreat

While other programs focus on hacks and tips that get temporary results, we use cutting-edge neuro and behavioral science to help you achieve lasting transformation.

It’s our greatest wish that you’ll come out of this 3 day weekend empowered, relieved, and rejuvenated to not only get back out there to find your dream partner, but also to be more confident, and genuinely in love with the amazing person you already are.

At Ignite Your Life, we offer you the opportunity to grow in every way, and the support and guidance you need to reach your full potential because we care about YOU.

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Will you join us?

If you’re FINALLY ready to embrace your true beauty, open up and understand who you really are, and ultimately take back control of your dating life, register for Ignite Your Life today! Spaces are limited to keep the experience focused, and to ensure each attendee gets the most out of Ignite Your Life.

This is the LAST Ignite Your Life Virtual Event planned for 2022, so secure your spot before tickets sell out!

Zoom Dark
Zoom Dark

Have questions?

First of all, Ignite Your Life is a Show in which you get to be both participant and the audience! Trust us, this isn’t going to be a long-ass 3 day zoom call (ugh, who wants to do that, and would we ever even be that bland and boring?! HELL NO!). This isn’t going to be a lecture-style event where you’re passively listening while you’re scrolling through social media. We are going to have fun, create massive breakthroughs in your love life, provide amazing INNOVATIVE opportunities for social interaction and community, and create deeper connections than you can even imagine possible! You’re going to feel energized, inspired, connected to a badass community, and entertained.

Right now is actually one of the best times to find high-quality men looking for commitment and connection. The men and women dating online right now are mostly looking for the ‘real’ deal, meaning that those who were in it for hookups or something casual have mostly opted out.

High-quality men are looking for connection and the latest research confirms it.

Recent studies have found that 62% of singles are looking for meaningful, committed relationships, with more men looking for long-term relationships right now than women.

The bottom line is, our clients are creating more connections right now with quality men than ever before.

If you’re not dating right now, or don’t know how to date right now, you’re missing out.

You might be thinking to yourself…

“I know I have a lot of inner work to do and I’m not sure I’m ready to date right now. Is this the right event for me?”

The short answer is, YES, it’s perfect. The Ignite Your Life 3 Day Process will transform you into the woman that men can’t resist so that when you are ready to get out there and date, you attract quality men and succeed like never before!

Imagine this – dating will be easy from the get-go. You will breeze through the process enjoying all the quality men pursuing you while your girlfriends will still be complaining that there are no good men online and that all the good guys are taken!

Even if you have no trouble attracting men, something you’re doing is turning them off without you realizing it. The IYL 3 Day Process eliminates those tendencies and you feel an inherent change in your body, heart and soul. You literally are different so the way men act and react to you is different, as if by magic.

As with anything in life, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. Ignite Your Life is different from anything you’ve ever done.

We use a process approach that integrates research-based interventions that are highly experiential in nature so that beliefs, feelings, and behaviors are explored holistically (i.e., the whole self – somatic, emotional, intuitive, and cognitive). It is widely recognized by brain science research that new neurological pathways will only be “recorded” if multiple aspects of the self are involved.

The bottom line is this: Therapy and personal development is fabulous, but many of our clients report that our process has moved them forward in ways they have never experienced before. They are experiencing shifts that literally catapult them to NEW levels of happiness. Our clients have found boyfriends, long-term love, increased peace and fulfillment, more optimism, a new sense of hope and the day-to-day support they never received in therapy or other personal development programs.

AND, this is not an in person retreat, which is a GOOD thing. If you are thinking a virtual event won’t create breakthroughs or you WISH it were in person, guess what…

A recent study showed that non-traditional strategies to achieve goals add their own unique component into people’s lives. So, the research SHOWS that traditional means of transformation ALONE are not optimal.

We have created a way for you to leverage new strategies for creating transformation AND get into action around it to have the best outcomes for you!

Each year thousands of women attend our group programs and events. I’d say half claim they aren’t “group people.” And yet… they love the experience.

Ignite Your Life is perfect for you especially if you’re not a “group person.” And, because you are going to be participating from home, you will be able to take breaks to recharge your batteries! I’ve seen time and time again that the women who claim they’re not “group people” get the most out of the experience. The energy, engagement, and excitement at Ignite Your Life is seriously profound and unlike anything you could ever get on your own. It’s the experience of a lifetime, and each year women walk away from this event describing it as the moment that changed everything for them: the moment they learned their true worth and the moment that led them directly to the perfect man for them.

The fact that this event takes place over a three­ day weekend is precisely the reason why we can promise such profound results.

The distractions and stress of having to work: to run your business or professional life? These things are keeping you stuck in your romantic rut. During this weekend we simply take them out of the equation so you can focus on positive change.

The data shows that without taking out time to do this work, our brains are wired to default back to old beliefs and habits. There has literally never been a better time in your life to make space to do this work.

Here’s the deal: research shows that if you don’t take action now to change your life, you probably never will.

That means you’ll be stuck with all the same problems you have right now—year after year. That’s what happens when you say things like “I can’t find the time” or “I can’t take off work.” If you want to keep making excuses, this event probably isn’t for you.

However, if you’re fed up with your situation and you want to take inspired action to change your life, you need to be at Ignite Your Life THIS YEAR—no matter how inconvenient it seems.

All you need is a computer, an internet connection, a quiet room, and your undivided attention 🙂

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