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How to Tell if He Likes You

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When you’re eager to make a love connection and finally set your sights on a particular gentleman, sometimes it can be easy to interpret any action directed toward you as a sign that he likes you. Unfortunately, casual interactions and exchanging pleasantries do not a love match make. Assuming otherwise builds false hope, so often many of us end up heartbroken when our feelings aren’t ultimately reciprocated.

One of my goals here at Dating with Dignity is to help you avoid that blindsided feeling as much as possible. In order to help you distinguish between a guy who’s just being friendly from one who’s interested in something more, I’ve revealed six telltale signs that your romantic inclinations are mutual.

6 Ways To Tell If He Likes You

1. He Singles You Out
If you met him through mutual friends and usually spend time together in a group, pay attention to how often he tries to seclude you in one-on-one conversation. If he likes you, he’ll desire to get to know you and will try to talk to you alone as much as possible.

2. He Asks Questions about You
What kinds of questions does he ask you? If he inquires beyond the generic “how was your day” rhetoric and asks specific questions about your interests, family and personal life, this is a sure sign that he’s digging you.

3. He Remembers
A smitten fellow will notice things about you that others don’t. He’ll recall a movie you mentioned liking and find a way to work it into conversation. He’ll remember something funny you said and recall it with you later. He’ll know and acknowledge your birthday. (A word of caution, however; if he starts bringing up things you know you’ve never told him, it may be time to pump the brakes.)

4. He Looks at You
…and not just at your assets, ladies. Any red-blooded man will be tempted to take a look at what you have to offer. But a guy who’s really into you will look (and smile at you) both when you notice it…and when he thinks you don’t.

5. He Acts Nervous
Some guys are experts at hiding this. But if you detect a slight wobble in his voice when he talks to you, it’s likely he’s harboring a crush. He may even act uncharacteristically awkward when you’re around, so try to gauge how he behaves when in a larger group setting as well to compare.

6. He Touches You
Even the most subtle gestures can have meaning, so pay close attention. Whether he’s doing it consciously or not, light touches on the arm, pats on the back or even a playful grab of your shoulders are expressions of his affection.

Keep in mind as you’re evaluating that not all these indications taken on their own necessarily mean that the guy in question is interested. Take a look at the bigger picture before getting your hopes up, but if he starts displaying more than one of these qualities, you’ve got yourself a crush!

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