Relationship Coaching from Dating Expert Marni Battista

Relationship Coaching from Dating Expert Marni Battista

We know that the only way to attract an amazing relationship with an amazing man is to be an amazing woman… so let’s get started!

Dating with Dignity Coaching

Dating with Dignity Testimonial

Marni helped me stop making excuses, got me out of playing the victim, and helped me detach from my breakup in a healthy way – no prescriptions necessary. I started taking control of my life and began creating a life I love. I would not have been able to do this without my life coach. I love you, Marni! Thank you for teaching me how to get my life back!
~ Aryn, Los Angeles

Private Relationship Coaching with
Dating & Relationship Expert Marni Battista

Eight coaching sessions with me will catapult you into the life you love with new vision, velocity, and vavoom!

After eight one-on-one coaching sessions with me, you’ll be on the fast track to significant results. Using my tried-and true 10-Step System to Manifesting Love of Self and Others, this relationship coaching package allows us to deep dive into the garbage that is holding you back in your relationships to become a better partner, more engaged in your life, free from the fears that keep you stuck, and filled with new levels of hope, excitement, and faith in your personal path to happiness.

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Dating With Dignity Testimonial

I’m overjoyed at this whole process and so thankful to have you in my life. Thank you for doing what you do. I have literally changed my life, and you are the catalyst who made it happen. I am eternally grateful.
~ Sara K.

The Find Love Now Program

Ignite Your Life, Unlock Your Heart, Create Your Love Story with the most comprehensive, effective dating & relationship training program in the history of Dating with Dignity.

The Find Love Now program is your declaration of intent as well as a new beginning to get the life and love you want right now. As a participant you will take this phrase to heart for assertive action at every level, unconfined for the first time by your old beliefs and values. During this year-long program, I will personally teach you everything I know about dating in the moment, setting authentic boundaries, knowing what to say and when to say it, getting the commitment, revamping your image and style, communicating in your feminine and getting men to pursue you. This is the last stop on the “trying everything” train to love and it’s going to change everything for you.

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Dating with Dignity Testimonial

I came to Marni in the midst of a breakup, the end of yet another destructive relationship on the heels of divorce. Within nine months I am so grateful that I just told my mom that my dream is coming true. I met the love of my life within three months of beginning work with you, and now we are moving in together and joining our lives… I am staying with you, Marni.
~ Katie, Hermosa Beach

Dating Image & Wardrobe Makeover w/ Dating with Dignity’s Image & Body Language Expert, Kim Seltzer

This comprehensive two-day package takes you on a weekend journey of in-the-field training on how to be the best “you” when it comes to dating, mating, and connecting with the opposite sex.

This total image makeover weekend with Dating with Dignity Expert & Image Consultant Kim Seltzer comes complete with: shopping, role-playing and exercises designed to help you create immediate and powerful attraction. After finishing a comprehensive dating assessment, you’ll dive immediately into the work necessary to understand and perfect your body language, social skills, communication and presentation. Finally put it all to the test by heading to the studio for your personal photo shoot and then out on the town to test what you’ve learned.

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Dating with Dignity Testimonial

For the first time I’m making decisions and not being afraid of making them. I’m not letting my fears overtake me, and I am truly learning and believing the message of love for myself. So far I am learning that that it truly is the key. Without embarking on this journey I would have stayed safe, single, and bitter.
~ Deb, Los Angeles

Private Coaching with Your Personal Dating with Dignity Master Coach

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Fast Track to Dating Success
If you want better dating results and you want them NOW 🙂 simply contact us right now at (213) 798-4401 with your billing information handy so that we can get you scheduled right away for your first of eight sessions with Tessa, Christine, Jeff, or Kim.

Dating with Dignity Testimonial

I want to thank you so much for all of your help over the past four months. I found you when I was in a lot of pain and drowning, and you were the perfect lifeline at the perfect time. You help to remind me to live in “choice” and to focus on the amazing life I have and the life the I am creating each day.
~ Jennifer P.

The World-Famous D-Factor Process

Reveals within just 60 minutes exactly why your love life isn’t where you want it to be.

The D-Factor Process numerically indexes the energetic signals you’re sending to men. It reveals your deepest unconscious thoughts, including negative talk that is leaking out while you’re smiling at your date at dinner. This is feedback that your friends can’t or won’t give you. In your included 45-minute follow-up coaching session, we will debrief your process results and learn why you’re attracting the same kind of men over and over again, and how you can start attracting the men you WANT.

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Dating with Dignity testimonial

Marni used the D-Factor Process to help me recognize the destructive self-talk and garbage I’d been carrying around for so many years. Within two weeks of the session, I began a new romantic relationship that has totally thrived. Marni, I’ll be sure you get an invite to the wedding. [ Update: He married her in September 2012 and I attended their beautiful wedding. The D-Factor Process totally works! –Marni ]
~ Jason M., Portland