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I Invite You To Join Me and Thousands of Like-Minded People From Around The World On a 30​-​Day Master Your Mindset CALM PROCESS Challenge

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I Want to Help You Attract More Joy, Positivity, and Abundance Into Your Life

The Key to a Fulfilling and Successful Life?

The kind of life which feels totally aligned.

Imagine, waking up and drawing open the curtains, with that Hell Yes kind of vibe about the amazing life you are living?!

Let’s face it, though. It’s not easy to stay positive.

It can be a challenge to see the good in the world and stay focused on joy. With the daily news cycle and human drama all around us, no wonder we become cynical and sink into negativity.

And, as you know, that’s not a happy or empowering place to be.

Yet, in the midst of all this darkness, there are people who thrive. There are average people (like you and me) who are successful, joyful, and fulfilled.

What are they doing that the rest are not?

Here’s my answer …

The most successful and happy people on the planet have learned to MASTER THEIR MINDSET!

They are intentional about the things they think, feel, say, and do.

I like to say, “If you want to turn the light up in the world, turn it up inside yourself.”

The stronger and more positively charged your experience of life is, and the more you can source your joy internally, the more rich and fulfilling your life will be!

One of the easiest and most effective tools to do this is having a daily practice of affirmations and meditation. This will take advantage of the neuroplasticity in your brain and create a new way of thinking that feels as natural as breathing.

30 Day CALM Challenge – How To Start And What To Do Rules For The Positivity Challenge

There are three rules for this CALM PROCESS challenge that I would like you to please adhere to if you can. They are simple enough and easy to follow:

1. Don’t skip any of the days.

2. Be aware of all of your emotions. Don’t let yourself linger in ones that don’t serve you well.

3. During your downtime, practice orienting to your intention. Have self compassion when you get off track. Even when you’re not working on the specific intention of the day, if you find a few clear moments – use the PROCESS to spark joy in your own mind.

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