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  • The Super Me 14-Day Challenge
    Get Marni Battista’s Secret Formula For More Sex Appeal, More Dating Savvy & More Self-Confidence! This quick-hitting course teaches you how to embody all of the most attractive feminine qualities in a very sustainable way.
  • The Art of Getting What You Want from Men
    This is an art that isn’t taught nearly enough: how to communicate from your feminine with a man, so that you get what you want and need without being a bitch, breaking down, shutting down or walking away from a potentially dynamic, loving and fulfilling relationship.
  • The “Super Me” Guidebook
    Marni Batista’s comprehensive guidebook to everything you need for restarting your relationship future. Improve your self worth, sex appeal and dating savvy with all the best techniques, tips and analysis you could ever want!
  • Design The Life You Love
    Design the Life You Love is a powerful 75-minute home study audio program, created by Marni Battista to help you design your clear life plan and kick start your future – the future YOU designed.
  • The Ultimate Man Panel
    Go straight to the source! Watch this video to consult our expert panel of Men for all the best insights and secrets you never knew about. Once aware, you can beware the Manimals amongst us!
  • The D-Factor Process
    Uncover your hidden self and put yourself on a new positive path! The D-Factor reveals how you’re being in the world, and what core blocks are holding you back, we can get to work changing it so you get better results, and start creating a life you love.
  • Dating Den Live :: 10 Dating Experts Dish Out Their Best Dating Advice
    Get personal, insider advice directly from the world’s top relationship and dating experts, and discover how to make this the year you unlock your heart and bring a special, sexy man into your life.
  • How to Stop Dating the Wrong Guys & Start Attracting the High-Quality Men You Want
    Break free from destructive dating & relationship patterns that have been preventing you from finding love and living a life of love with purpose, peace and happiness!
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