Imagine: In Just 3 Days, You Will Have the Magnetic Self-Confidence Men Can’t Resist

So That You Effortlessly Attract the Man and the Passionate, Connected, Loving Relationship You’ve Always Wanted!


You’re Already Smart and Successful—This Is the Missing Piece!

You’re Already Smart and Successful—This Is the Missing Piece!

If you’ve read all the self-help books, called in “The One,” and tried to be the bitch men supposedly love—and nothing has worked to change your “single status,” this retreat will finally change your results with men so that you get the passionate, loving relationship you want and deserve!

Join me and hundreds of other amazing women for a transformative three-day weekend to learn our patented Ignite Your Life blueprint to attract, meet, date, and fall in love with an amazing man who loves you right back.

This is an intimate event like no other. By the end of our time together, you will be that woman, in your heart and soul, who believes you deserve everything in life: sex, love, relationship, career, and everything in between.


If you’re serious about changing your life in 2016 and want to make it the year you finally attract and fall in love with the perfect man for you, then you cannot afford to miss this.

If you’ve had enough of the self-doubt – of feeling inferior when it comes to men and relationships and the fear that love might never happen for you – you owe it to yourself to come to Ignite Your Life.

If you’re someone who has “tried everything,” or if it’s your first attempt -- now it’s time to do what works.

You Could Be My Next Success Story:


~ Haley M.

Since working with you, I am in the best relationship I have ever been in -- and in seven months we’re getting married in Aruba!

I used to be the girl who had the wall up so high that nobody was able to get close me. I’ve come a long way from the scared, unsure girl who first started working with you, and I’m with the most loving, trustworthy, kind man: the man of my dreams!


I came to you in the midst of a breakup, the end of yet another destructive relationship on the heels of divorce. I met the love of my life within three months of beginning work with you, and now we’re moving in together and joining our lives...I’m staying with you, Marni.

~ Katie


~ Kalpana S.

I decided to attend Ignite Your Life because I felt stuck–stuck in my career, and stuck in dating men who seemed promising…only to disappear after 2-3 dates without a word.

Since attending IYL, I am no longer stuck. I am moving full-steam ahead and creating an incredible life that I’m excited and energized about. Oh, and I’m also in a pretty amazing relationship with a man who adores me.

Get What You Want from Men: Love, Respect,
Someone Who Adores and Treasures You,
Commitment and Connection!

Get What You Want from Men: Love, Respect, Someone Who Adores and Treasures You, Commitment and Connection!

By the end of this three-day transformational retreat, you will have the tools and know the exact steps you need to take to find love, happiness, and your soul mate.

Why IYL Is Different Than Anything You’ve Ever Tried:

Why IYL Is Different Than Anything You’ve Ever Tried:


Our approach is different because we know that you can’t think your way out of your thoughts (or you would have already). An intellectual pursuit of love, full of over-thinking, rationalizing, and second-guessing… Does. Not. Work.

The problem is, most personal development programs, events, and retreats teach you mind tricks and rules to do things differently; but if in your heart you don’t feel fundamentally different, you’re not going to be able to maintain it. Your actions will feel forced and unnatural, and you’ll eventually revert back to your old ways.

That’s why you can take a class and the coach can say “Who cares if he doesn’t call? Don’t freak out…just go with the flow,” and it can make complete sense to you—until you’re in the moment. And then, all of a sudden, your knee-jerk reactions kick in and you start texting him, freaking out, and obsessing.

The Ignite Your Life blueprint is different.

We focus on what other coaches ignore. It’s customized for adult learners, and it’s based on the most cutting-edge behavioral science. We change the components that matter so you actually FEEL different in your body. You’re not intellectually telling yourself not to care if that guy doesn’t call: you honestly don’t care because you FEEL and BELIEVE that you don’t have to care. You know he’s not the only guy you’re ever going to get.

This retreat is different because at the end of the weekend you’re going to know what it FEELS like to be a confident woman of value. You’ll possess the one quality great men always look for in the women they love: self-assurance.

Plus — and this is important — Dating with Dignity in general is different because it’s led by me—and I’ve been where you are. I’ve been married, I’ve been divorced, I’ve been in long-term relationships, and I’ve been single. I’ve been the tough girl, the co-dependent girl, the needy girl, and the party girl. Most importantly, I was the girl that didn’t believe she deserved love – and now I am happily married to the love of my life!

I’ve gone through all these challenges myself, so I bring far more to the table than, say, a man in his 30s or a woman who found the love of her life in her 20s.

When you come to the IYL retreat, you’ll get to work with me in person and learn to let go of past hurts, fall in love with yourself and your life so that rejection is no longer a threat to your happiness and you succeed in love AND your career.

You’ll discover how to be energetically free to meet someone new so that you don’t lament over what “could have been.”

You’ll let go of the limiting belief that you don’t deserve to find love with an amazing man, so that you feel hopeful about love—again or for the first time.

And you’ll discover how to be vulnerable so that you make peace with your past once and for all.

The best shortcut to knowledge is by learning from other people’s experiences, which you’ll get when you attend Ignite Your Life 2016.

By being with other like-minded women who have different experiences, you’ll be able to engage, interact, and learn together. Other women will ask questions that you never thought of so that you’ll learn things you didn’t know you didn’t know.

This truly is priceless and will accelerate your growth and possibly even save you from making a future mistake.

These women all know that...


Being There Makes All the Difference!


~ Neha S. D.

I have great news! I got engaged this Saturday! Thanks so much for all your help this past year. I’m super happy!

(Since Neha's wedding last year, she and her husband Rupen welcomed a baby into the world!)


I am for the first time in my life entering into a relationship with a high-quality man who adores me and who I am adoring in return (So exciting.)!

I am starting my own business, and I am the happiest and most confident I have ever been in my life.

~ Stacie S.


~ Amanda D.

My work with Marni has deepened my relationship with myself, my family, and my boyfriend -- whom I'm now engaged to!

I've learned to love myself and present myself to the world as an authentic, powerful, feminine woman who deserves to be seen, respected and loved unconditionally!

Day 1: Your Reveal Day – The Silver Bullet*

Day 1: Your Reveal Day – The Silver Bullet*

Our secret technology reveals exactly where and when you’re repelling the
men you’re trying to attract so you can find love with a high-quality
man quickly and easily (this is the stuff trapped in your sub-conscious).


This first portion of the event is devoted to showing you why nothing else you’ve tried has worked to change your love life AND what you need to do differently so you make sure our secret technology works for you.

By the end of this first day, you’ll understand why you’re single. And you’ll know what you need to do so that you attract a man who’s open, vulnerable, and committed—and whose words and actions match.

  • Understand why — even though you’ve read all the self-help books and followed all the rules — you’re still single so that you have the man you want, waiting for you under the mistletoe.

  • Know the five things you’re going to have to do to make our secret technology work for you so that you attract the hot, smart guys you once thought were out of your league.

  • Know the four characteristics that attract men who are open, vulnerable, and committed, so that no man will ever disappear on you again.

  • Understand why now matter HOW you meet a man it won’t ever work until you re-program your dating GPS so that you become “the destination” for the men you want.

  • Learn what “feminine” means in the 21st century, especially as a successful woman so that you don’t have to jump into the girly-girl bucket to attract powerful alpha-men.

  • Eliminate the “nothing works for me” belief in your head so that the universe knows you are loveable and sends you the right man to love.

  • Become the person you want to attract so that you attract the man you want and he falls in love with you.


Day 2: Your Release Day – Let It All Go

Day 2: Your Release Day – Let It All Go

Master Our Patented Dating Techniques to Stop Repelling the Very Men
You’re Trying to Attract and Make Sure No Man Ever Disappears on
You Again.


The second day of the event is devoted to showing you how to break your negative dating patterns that pop up and cause men to disappear and screw you over. Whatever your unique pattern is, this is the part of the event where you stop doing it—forever.


  • Stop the “Same Guy, Different Face” Syndrome so that you have the passionate, loving connection you really want.

  • Get off the dating “roller coaster” once and for all so that your single friends ask for your secret to attracting the hottest, quality guys.

  • Break the bad dating habits that are keeping you single so that the right man pursues you and courts you.

  • Stop obsessing over men, and stop doing things you’re embarrassed about later so that men worship you like a queen.

  • Learn our #1 mind trick to access inner peace and confidence—no matter what happens with the guy—so that you can be the “It Girl” who makes heads turn when she walks into the room.

  • Tap into your feminine power so you stop obsessing about whether he’s into you, so that you can choose which hot man you want to date and for a relationship!

  • Understand why you haven’t been able to change your dating results so that you know in your heart you are worthy of love from a great man. (Trust me, it’s something you’ve never even thought to do before!)


PLUS An Incredible Day 2 Bonus!

PLUS An Incredible Day 2 Bonus!

The Ultimate Man Panel gives you an inside look at the minds
of high-quality men as they reveal secrets no man will ever tell you…
but want you to know!

We’ve hand-picked a panel of handsome, insightful and utterly truthful men to answer ANY question you have about men & dating!

Some women consider this the best part of the entire event.

Answers to women’s top questions about men and dating are REVEALED!

  • What’s your biggest first-date turnoff?

  • Why do guys disappear?

  • How do you spot the “wrong guy”?

  • What’s the best way to approach a guy you like?

  • What makes men fall in love?


You’ll learn:

  • The #1 thing that makes men fall in love. (Once you master this, there will be a slew of great men pursuing you!)

  • The HUGE mistake most women make that attracts players, cheaters, and emotionally unavailable guys AND drives away good men. You’ll turn around and wonder where all the high-quality men chasing you came from!

  • How to cut through the BS and quickly identify the good guys from the bad guys. Your girlfriends will beg for your secret to attracting only high-quality men, and you’ll know what men are really thinking when they start dating a new woman. Use this information to reel in your man and make him fall in love.

  • How a man’s romantic system works: what he thinks, feels, and does when he’s REALLY into a woman.


And way more!

Day 3: Your Rejuvenation – The “It Girl”

Day 3: Your Rejuvenation – The “It Girl”

Discover The Sexy Alpha-Femme Inside You And Develop the Rock Star Confidence so that You Date Great Men That Pursue You, Adore You and Fall In Love With You!


The final day of the event is devoted to showing you how to become the sexy alpha-femme “It Girl” whom high-quality men desire for love and a serious relationship. It’s about mastering the skills of Dating with Dignity, being feminine, and being powerful so that you’re irresistible to men in the 21st century. Because the truth, ladies, is this: Men don’t love bitches, and The Rules was written in the ’90s. Things have changed, and it’s time for you to master the new rules.


You’ll learn how to become the Sexy Alpha Femme Who Has It All:

  • Ditch what your mom and grandma told you about relationships so that you become a master at the “Modern Woman’s Dilemma” (a must if you want a lasting relationship in the 21st century).

  • Learn how to always know what to do, what to say, and what “move to make” with a guy so that you never worry you’ll somehow “screw it up” again.

  • Discover Dating with Dignity’s secret formula so that you find your best match on- and offline. (There are two key mistakes you could be making right now!)

  • Connect to your “POWER SELF” so that you never backslide, freak out, or obsess over a guy ever again.

  • Learn how to get what you want from men without being a bitch, shutting down, rolling your eyes, or slamming the door.


Yes Marni, I’ll See You There!

Yes Marni, I’ll
See You There!

I want to join this life-changing event for the bring a friend price of only $97 (a full $900 OFF the regular ticket price of $997)


$997 $97


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Frequently Asked Questions
about Our Retreat:

Frequently Asked Questions
about Our Retreat:


1) What If I’m not a “group” person?

Each year thousands of women attend our group programs and events. I’d say half claim they aren’t “group people.” And yet… they love the experience.

Ignite Your Life is perfect for you especially if you’re not a “group person.” In life, what you resist… persists. I’ve seen time and time again that the women who claim they’re not “group people” get the most out of the experience. The energy, engagement, and excitement at Ignite Your Life is seriously profound and unlike anything you could ever get on your own. It’s the experience of a lifetime, and each year women walk away from this event describing it as the moment that changed everything for them: the moment they learned their true worth and the moment that led them directly to the perfect man for them.

2) Honestly, nothing works for me. Why will this?

As with anything in life, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. The Ignite Your Life blueprint is experiential, different from anything you’ve ever done. That’s why the results we get are so extraordinary.

3) Can one weekend really make a difference in my life?

The fact that this event takes place over a three­day weekend is precisely the reason why we can promise such profound results. Seven out of 10 women who come to IYL report they’re in loving, committed relationships within the first year. Seven out of 10!

The digital distractions and stress of having to work: to run your business or professional life? These things are keeping you stuck in your romantic rut. During this weekend we simply take them out of the equation so you can focus on positive change.

4) What if I don’t think I can find the time to make it?

Here’s the deal: research shows that if you don’t take action now to change your life, you probably never will.

That means you’ll be stuck with all the same problems you have right now—year after year. That’s what happens when you say things like “I can’t find the time” or “I can’t take off work” or “It’s too far to travel” or “I need to be home for my kids.” If you want to keep making excuses, this event probably isn’t for you.

However, if you’re fed up with your situation and you want to take inspired action to change your life, you need to be at Ignite Your Life THIS YEAR—no matter how inconvenient it seems.

5) Can I join one of your less-expensive programs or events?

Ignite Your Life is a CELEBRATION for women everywhere, and I’ve designed this event to be accessible to all. Those who have applied for my Ignite Your Life LIVE private retreat know that my live trainings usually begin in the $5000 range for three days of live training. My comprehensive “at­home training” programs go anywhere from $497 to $800. Tickets to Ignite Your Life aren’t even close to that. And because they’re so accessible, they WILL go quickly. So be sure to get yours by ordering now.

6) What if I can’t afford it?

If money seems tight right now, don’t let that hold you back. The truth is that if you don’t do this now, you probably never will—and that means you’ll continue to struggle for a very long time. Don’t let another year go by while you’re not with the love of your life. You deserve to be loved, but you have to take action to make it happen.

7) I’m not even ready to date yet.

I know have a lot of work to do – is this the right event for me? Perfect. The Ignite Your Life Blueprint will transform you into the woman that men can’t resist so that when you are ready to get out there and date, you attract quality men and succeed like never before!

Imagine this – dating will be easy from the get-go. You will breeze through the process enjoying all the quality men pursuing you while your girlfriends will still be complaining that there are no good men online and that all the good guys are taken!

8) I don’t have a problem meeting men, how will this event help ME?

Even if you have no trouble attracting men, something you’re doing is turning them off without you realizing it. The IYL Blueprint eliminates those tendencies and you feel an inherent change in your body, heart and soul. You literally are different so the way men act and react to you is different, as if by magic.

The Ignite Your Life LIVE
Retreat Is Perfect for You if…

The Ignite Your Life LIVE Retreat Is Perfect for You if…


  • You’re seriously fed up with getting screwed over, and you just want to find the perfect guy for you and be done with being single forever.

  • You’re crazy successful at everything you put your mind to – except love – and you want to know why. No one in your life knows why you’re single because you’re a total catch, so you want to know what the hell is going on.

  • You’re open to trying something new and totally unconventional to get to the bottom of your unlucky love life.

  • You know that something you’re doing with men isn’t working, and you’re ready to find out what you need to do differently to get your love life where you want it to be.

  • You are ready to make finding love your #1 priority and are willing to take responsibility to do what it takes to make it happen.


This Event Is Definitely NOT for You if…

The Ignite Your Life LIVE Retreat Is Perfect for You if


  • You get satisfaction out of being in drama-filled relationships and you’re not really motivated to change.

  • You’d rather complain about your situation and hear your friends and family give you sympathy than actually take action to change what’s not working.

  • You secretly enjoy being treated poorly by men, and you have no desire to find out why.

  • You’re always right, and you’re not open to anyone else’s point of view about what you could do differently in your love life.

  • You don’t want the truth about why you’re still single; you just want to hear what you want to hear.


January 15 – 17, 2016

January 15 – 17, 2016



Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa


San Diego International Airport. The hotel is only a taxi drive away.


Check-in opens at 8 a.m. on Jan. 15, and we start promptly at 9 a.m.

We'll end at approximately 4 p.m. PT on Sunday with the option to stay for "afterglow" to have your picture made with Marni.


Once you register, we'll send you a special room reservation link to get the best price! (Expires Dec. 22!)


Yes, and it includes catered lunches. You'll get details once you register.

Your ticket includes attendance at our Dating with Dignity Meet & Greet Soiree where you get to mingle and mix with Marni and the rest of the DWD Faculty and team!

You'll be able to relax outdoors and experience winter California-style, give me that big hug you owe me, and get your event registration taken care of! Plus you'll have the opportunity to relax, shake off the nerves and fears, and deeply connect with the other like-minded women who are ready to take the journey to find love now with you. (Your next best friend and soul sister could be there waiting to meet you!)


Attendees from ALL my events simply RAVE about the connection with real, smart, authentic, no-frills women. I attract a really powerful and amazing group of heart-centered, successful, strong women who are committed to transformation.




The One Question You Have to Answer Is:

Are You Ready to Say “YES!” to Finding
Love This Year?

The One Question You Have to Answer Is:

Are You Ready to Say “YES!” to Finding Love This Year?


Let’s Recap What You’re Going to Get:

  • Host Marni Battista guiding you through 2 ½ days of game-changing strategies for igniting your love life and finding love now!

  • A handsome panel of real men answering your biggest questions about men, love and relationships. They won’t hold back anything!

  • An amazing community of women who believe in constantly building up themselves, improving their lives, and embracing new ways to get better results in relationships.

  • A golden opportunity to really shift into this exciting new year full of hope and proven strategies for attracting the loving relationship you’ve always wanted.


We’ll be adding more world-renowned guest speakers in the months to come!




Meet a Few More Ignite Your Life Attendees

Meet a Few More Ignite Your Life Attendees


Kellie got married in October!


Katie and her husband Ryan got married and welcomed their second baby earlier this year.


Liz got married last year.


Rajeshri got married and had their first baby last year.