Ignite Your Life Bonus Ticket Registration

Ignite Your Life Bonus Ticket Registration

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Become the Woman Who Gets Everything — and Every Man — She Wants

Join us January 17th – 19th, 2014 for the LIVE Ignite Your Life Event in Sunny Southern California!

If you’ve read all the self-help books, called in the one, and tried to be the bitch men supposedly love, and nothing has worked to change your “single status,” you do not want to miss this event of a lifetime.

Join me and hundreds of other amazing women for a transformative three-day weekend experience to master Dating with Dignity’s secret technology to meet, date, and fall in love with a high-quality man who loves you right back.

This is an intimate event like no other, and by the end of our time together you will be that woman who gets everything she wants in life: sex, love, career, and everything in between. If you’re serious about making 2014 the year you meet and fall in love with the perfect man for you, then you cannot afford to miss this.

Ignite Your Life, a LIVE Experiential Event Hosted by Marni Battista

Here’s what we’re going to cover at this year’s Ignite Your Life LIVE:

  • Discover Dating with Dignity’s 21st century secret technology to find love with a high-quality man.
  • Know the five things you’re going to have to do to make our secret technology work for you.
  • Know the four characteristics you have to have if you want to attract a man who is open, vulnerable, and committed, and whose words and actions match.
  • Master our sure-fire strategies to make sure no guy ever disappears on you or screws you over again.
  • Learn what “feminine” means in the 21st century, especially as a high-powered, successful woman who doesn’t want to have to jump into the girly-girl bucket to date powerful men.
  • Get off the dating “emotional roller coaster” once and for all and become a confident dater who never says “I don’t get it” to her friends.
  • Stop obsessing over men, and stop doing things you’re embarrassed about later.
  • Learn our #1 mind trick to access inner peace, joy, and confidence no matter what happens with the guy, so you can be the “it” girl who commands attention when she walks into the room.
  • Tap into your feminine power so you stop obsessing about what he thinks, whether he’s into you, and what it means when he says X,Y, or Z.
  • Become the sexy alpha femme – it’s what’s required to create your epic modern day romance while keeping your day job!
  • Ditch what your mom and grandma told you about relationships and become a master at the “Modern Woman’s Dilemma.” (A must if you want a lasting relationship in the 21st century.)
  • Learn how to always know what to do, what to say, and what “move to make” with a guy, without worrying that you’ll somehow “screw it up.”
  • Plus so much more!
Register Your Bonus Ticket Below!!

Register Your Ticket Below!

This event was designed specifically for you if you want to:

  • Break free from your negative patterns
  • Change the way you walk, move & live in the world
  • Master the skills necessary to create appropriate boundaries
  • Learn what it means to live each day as the confident, empowered, direct woman you were always meant to be.

Event Details:

Marina Del Rey Marriott

IMPORTANT: If you’re coming in from out of town, you’ll want to arrive at the hotel by the afternoon of Friday, January 17th at the latest because Ignite Your Life officially kicks off that evening with the “Dating With Dignity Meet & Greet Soiree!”

Arriving in the afternoon will give you plenty of time to check-in and get settled before the big event kick-off party!

Schedule Overview

Friday: 4:30 PM – 8:30 PM (Meet & Greet)
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM (Speakers)
Sunday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Speakers)

Ignite Your Life is taking place at the Marina Del Rey Marriot from January 17th – 19th, 2014 in sunny Southern California, where our team has negotiated an AWESOME room rate for attendees who want to stay at the hotel for the weekend.

Here are the details you’ll need to book your room at the Marina Del Rey Marriott:

(special rates available, first come first serve)

Close to the Beach!
Close to LAX Airport!

Check-In: Friday, January 17th
Check-Out: Sunday, January 19th or Monday, January 20th

(Ignite Your Life ends the afternoon of Sunday, January 19th. It’s up to you if you want to check-out that morning and leave immediately after the event, or if you want to stay another night for extra relaxation!)

Phone: 310-301-3000

Marina Del Rey Marriott
4100 Admiralty Way
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Nearby Airport:
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
Fly in to LAX (Los Angeles Airport) and the hotel is a quick taxi drive away.

Your ticket includes attendance at our “Dating with Dignity Meet & Greet Soiree!”
meet & greet soiree 4 - 6PM Fri Jan 17th 2014 You’ll be able to relax outdoors and experience winter California-style, give me that big hug you owe me, and get your event registration taken care of! Plus you’ll have the opportunity to relax, shake off the nerves and fears, and deeply connect with the other like-minded women who are ready to take the journey to find love now with you. (Your next best friend and soul sister could be there waiting to meet you!)

Attendees from ALL my events simply RAVE about the connection with real, smart, authentic. no-frills women. I attract a really powerful and amazing group of heart-centered, successful, strong women who are committed to transformation. I just love how all of you are able to connect with and support each other at this event. This kickoff will get you into the exact space we need to catapult you forward for the next two and one-half days.

Two Options To Claim Your Seat & Register Your Bonus Ticket:

Cash In Your Bonus Ticket

Because you have a bonus ticket, you can reserve your seat for our $97 no-show deposit which we will hand back to you at the door.*

» Claim My Seat with $97 Refundable* Deposit

* You must be present at the event to claim your refund

Upgrade Your Bonus Ticket

How would you like to upgrade to the “VIP EXPERIENCE” for ONLY $147? Read the details below!

» Upgrade My Bonus Ticket to VIP for $147

Upgrade to the VIP Experience!

Value of VIP Ticket: $1,146

Here’s your chance to get the FULL “VIP” experience at the “Ignite Your Life 2014” event.

For a mere $147, you’ll be able to join us for lunch for both days AND get VIP Priority Seating at the event. This is a FANTASTIC networking opportunity, not to mention being able to maximize your exposure to the host of experts who will be participating with you. (And of course, avoid the long lines at the restaurants!)

So, I’ve grabbed some of the COOLEST spots on this property to have private lunches that are ready IMMEDIATELY when we break, allow you to skip all the restaurant lines and mastermind with the other amazing experts who will be there participating.

If you want the Ultimate Backstage Pass with full VIP Lunches with no lines, VIP Priority Seating and the opportunity to make connections with some amazing people, then you want to upgrade your bonus ticket to VIP below.

Ignite Your Life 2014 VIP Lunch Experience! VIP Priority Seating

And, it isn’t just networking at these lunches! We take special care with planning healthy, balanced meals. You’ll be getting delicious, healthy meals that are GOOD for you! No rubbery stuffed chicken here! These meals are designed to keep you full and focused and your energy high throughout the rest of the day.

Now, to inspire you to make your decision today, I need to let you know two things…

First, there is a limit to the NUMBER of people we can take in the VIP dining area. If you are seeing this option, it means we have not hit that limit yet.

Second, we will not be able to process any of these ‘VIP Passes’ at the door as we need to give final headcount to the hotel two weeks prior to the event! (Hint: About 80-85% of the participants will be attending the beautiful VIP networking lunches.)

So join us and treat yourself like the VIP you are!

* Your $147 for the VIP Lunch & VIP Priority Seating are in place of your no-show deposit, thus no portion will be refunded at the door.


Ignite Your Life Ticket Valued at $997

Activate Your Bonus Ticket With Your Paid *Refundable Deposit

Claim My Seat at Ignite Your Life with *Refundable Deposit: $97

Deposit returned to you at the event!

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» Claim My Seat with $97 Refundable* Deposit

* You must be present at the event to claim your refund

~ OR ~


Special VIP Upgrade Pricing For Bonus Ticket Holders!

Claim My VIP Priority Seating + My Seat At The VIP Lunch Table: $147


(in place of deposit – no portion is refundable)

register below!!

» Upgrade My Bonus Ticket to VIP for $147

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